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Remote Bootcamp FAQ

Please read this FAQ carefully. By applying, you agree that you have read the information on this page.

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What is the #codeathoome Remote Bootcamp?

  • Free online program offering Web Development and Data Science tracks.

  • Consists of 6-week self-learning and 8-week project phases + mentorship

How does it work?

  • Self-Learning Phase: Access to curated resources at your own pace.

  • Project Phase: Real-world projects relevant to your track

  • Mentorship & Community: Support from experienced software developers and data scientists for mentorship + Slack community

Which tracks are currently available in Remote Bootcamp?

  • Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frameworks.

  • Data Science: Python, data manipulation, visualization & machine learning.

  • UX and Deep Learning/AI Tracks will likely be back next year

Is previous experience required?

  • No prior experience needed; open to all skill levels.

Is there a cost?

  • No, completely free of charge.

Is it entirely online?

  • Yes, 100% remote

Can I choose multiple tracks?

  • We recommend focusing on one track at a time in order to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the topic.

Is there support during the bootcamp?

  • Yes, experienced mentors and an online community available for assistance.

How to stay updated on future bootcamp offerings?

  • Follow our social media channels.


Will I receive a certificate?

  • Yes, a certificate of completion

What do I have to do to get a certificate?

  • You have to complete at least 75% of your online-learning track and submit a solution with your project team by the end of the bootcamp to get a certificate of completion

Is the certificate recognized by employers?

  • Recognition may vary; focus on practical skills and projects.

R E Q U I R E D    T I M E

Can I work or study full-time while participating?

  • Yes, the bootcamp is designed to be flexible. But please plan enough time to work on course and participate in project phase.

How much time do I have to study?

  • We recommend to study 6-10 hours per week on your track. But maybe you need some more time.

Are there any events where attendance is mandatory?

  • Yes, there are three mandatory online events (justified absences allowed)

    • Kick-off-Event: 01.11.2023  at 7pm (CET) - remote​

    • Kick-off Project Phase & Closing Event: dates tbd (we will vote which day suits the best.)​

+ additional optional online events

P R O J E C T   P H A S E

What is the Project Phase?

  • During the Project Phase, you will work in a diverse team (3-5 people) and solve a challenge with your newly developed tech skills. to consolidate and apply what you have learned so far. This is where you will definitely get in touch with your fellow learners, learn from each other and build a great product!

Is the project phase mandatory?

  • Yes, to receive the Certificate of Completion, you must have to submit a solution with your project team.

Are my tech skills sufficient when the Project Phase starts?

  • Totally! We ensure a good mixture of advanced techies and newbies in the teams. In addition, TechLabs Mentors will support you during this phase.

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