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Remote Bootcamp 


About the #codeathome Bootcamp

We at TechLabs dream of a world full of digital shapers: Individuals who use technological tools to approach the challenges of our time with a digital and entrepreneurial mindset.

Many people from all around the world want to learn or improve their tech skills, but not everybody lives near to one of our TechLabs locations. For those of you who are unable to join our local programs, we offer a free and remote #codeathome Bootcamp. You can join us from anywhere in the world and learn tech skills together with an international online community - regardless of prior experience!

The next #codeathome Remote Bootcamp will take place from November 01, 2023 to February 15, 2024.

Application phase is already closed.

The next bootcamps will be announced here as soon as they are determined. Stay tuned.


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Visuelles Projekt

Online Self-Learning

Acquire tech skills in our online learning tracks. For each of the tracks, we carefully compiled the best online learning resources available in various formats on a modern eLearning platform.


Our experienced mentors are here to support you throughout your learning journey and projects. Get answers to your questions and valuable insights from professionals.


Choose an exciting project that interests you and collaborate with fellow participants. Build a Tech4Good project that showcase your skills and creativity

Our Tracks

This year you can choose between the Data Science and Web Development tracks.
Deep Learning/AI and UX Tracks will be not available this time. Maybe next year but keep in mind that you need Data Science Knowledge for AI and Web Dev Knowledge for UX Design. 


Web Development

In the Web Development track you will learn to build your first interactive web applications and get to know the WebDev-Toolbox (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, and many more).


User Experience Design

Learn UX Design with practical examples and use the opportunity to build a personal tech portfolio Find out what the key values are for designing an enjoyable user experience.

(only for people with Web Dev basic knowledge - therefore take the Web Dev Track first!).


Data Science

In the Data Science track you will learn basic coding skills and apply them directly to Data Science tasks — from data import to data preparation and visualization to building advanced machine learning models for classification and regression.


Deep Learning/ AI

In the Deep Learning/ Artificial Intelligence track you will learn about the possibilities of current AI-techniques, attain Python skills, and build first image recognition applications (only for people with advanced Data Science knowledge - therefore take the Data Science Track first!).

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